I slept for 6 hours last night. You know that’s pretty impressive when I’m talking about it in my blog. A good nights sleep is pretty elusive for me so the first thing that I thought of this morning was the fact that I got more than 4-5 hours. Yea me!

Yesterday was the first day of the Kidd’s Kids reveals. That’s when we go to houses and let the families know that they have been chosen to go on the Kidd’s Kids trip. The first one that we notified was a lady by the name of Jillian. Her Situation is very different from anyone else. Jillian has been on the trip over 10 times but she has always gone as one of our nurses. This year, she is going as a Kidd’s Kids parent. How cool is that? Then, we went to another family’s house where the Kidd’s Kid, whose name is Kameron, was about one of the coolest kids ever. I asked him to tell me about himself and he said, “My name is Kameron. I’m 7 years old. I like dinosaurs. And, I love my mom the best.”

iheartmomIt was almost like he had rehearsed this. Usually, when you put a mic in a kids face, they clam up big time but not this one. He was ready to chat. He’s going to be a character on this year’s trip. The trip is in 2 months.

And this year when we get back, I will be less than a month from my birthday. And I think this is the year that I do something that I have wanted to do for years. I think I’m going to actually buy myself a BIG birthday present. A classic car. Actually, it may be a truck. I’ve got a few bills to pay off first but if things go well, I’m going to do it. This is one of those things that I’ve wanted to do for years. I have talked about it and talked about it but in light of recent events, I have started thinking about things a little differently. We can’t put our dreams off until later. Later may not get here. Sure, you can’t just run out and be stupid but at the same time, we have to do WHAT we can,WHILE we can. Tomorrow is not promised. So if you have something that you have been thinking about doing, don’t put it off until “Later.” Go For it. Since it doesn’t look like I’m going to make it back to Spain to run with the bulls like I have (also) been talking about for years, I guess this dream can make up for not getting to fulfill that dream!