I didn’t think that this was a really huge deal, but apparently it is to some people. I have never tried apple pie. Shocking, huh? Apple Pie wasn’t real big in my house. Sure my mom made pies. She loved pies. Pecan pie, sweet potato pie, lemon pie. She made all of these types of pies on a somewhat regular basis. But apple pie wasn’t on her radar and so since she pretty much did 100% of the cooking in the house, if she didn’t make it, I didn’t have it. Did I ever eat anyplace other than my mother’s house? Absolutely I did. But, I guess I just wasn’t that adventurous or maybe I just wasn’t that curious. But I have never had one bite of apple pie. This came up the other day via text with the doctor. She was asking me randomly if I liked apple pie because I guess she was planning on making one. And when I told her that I had never had apple pie, she was in disbelief. Honestly I had never even given it much thought. It was just one of those things to me. So, I guess sometime in the very near future, I will be having some homemade apple pie.

Speaking of the doctor, she has one of those rare days off today. She hasn’t had a weekday off since I have known her. And not only that, she will be changing hospitals starting Friday and changing shifts as well. She will be working 36-hour shifts for the entire month of November and at the end of the shift, she gets a whopping 12 hours off until she has to go back to work. And she doesn’t get another full day off until November 17th. Man, that doesn’t seem right at all. 16 straight days of working and only 12 hours of down time at a time. That just seems inhumane. Is this common with resident doctors? No offense but I don’t really want a doctor working on me that has been working for 34 hours and he can barely keep his eyes open. But, she won’t have to work like that forever. Its for a month and then she will be back to working the 12 hour night shifts 6 days a week. I guess it’s a good thing that we took our big New Orleans date when we did because it doesn’t look like we would be able to do that again any time soon.

Have a great Thursday everybody.