Honey 2 was in town this weekend and we hung out and had a pretty good time. She moved to Oklahoma a while back and even though we had been texting a little here and there, she wasn’t 100% informed on my every day happenings. Especially the Honey 3 ordeal. Well, it wasn’t until someone informed her while she was here. She was hanging out with a few friends and someone asked her if the whole proposal thing with me and Honey 3 was real? She had no idea what they were talking about because she isn’t in a city where she can hear the show. Well, she asked me and I told her the truth but I tried to down play it like it wasn’t that big of a deal. She tried to put on a good game face but she was really hurt and I don’t blame her.

Me and Honey 2 dated almost 2 years. We went to Mexico 2 or 3 times. We were pretty close to say the least. And then when she moved away, I asked another girl to marry me 4 months later. Yep, that was pretty crappy of me. What was I thinking? I honestly don’t know. A few years back, another girl that I really liked, just up and left town. I really missed her for a long time. Then my girlfriend Andi left. Ok, she didn’t leave town but she might as well have left me because I didn’t see her for 2 years after she left me for the white dude that bought her the Mercedes. Then Honey 2 left and then I met Honey 3 and she was about to leave. Ok, that doesn’t justify what I did but I guess in my head, I was just tired of girls leaving. Was I in love with Honey 3? Maybe not. But I sure thought I was at the time.

Well, Honey 2 pretty much doesn’t want to ever talk to me again and I don’t blame her. She put in two years of her life with me and I never “built her a bench.” I’m 100% sure she isn’t reading this but I’m really sorry babe.