I know it’s such a small thing in the Grand scheme of things but when one person LOVES doing something and the other person in the relationship won’t participate at all in that thing, well, it sucks. But I LOVE Karaoke and I want her to LOVE it too. And I want to share that thing that I love so much with the person that I love. But she isn’t having any part of it. She just watches me as I sing the same songs over and over… haha.

Saturday, my girlfriend invited me out on a date. She wouldn’t tell me where we were going. She just told me to be ready at 8pm. She had a cab pick us up and away we went. The place that we picked out is actually a place that I love. She had mad a reservation at My favorite steakhouse and she had requested my favorite waiter. It was awesome. It was just the two of us. We talked about the test that she had taken earlier in the day and the conversation flowed pretty well. During the past 15 months that we have dated, I have somehow gotten past the phase where I don’t know what to say when it’s just the two of us.

After dinner, we headed to my bar where we spent the rest of the evening. I sang Karaoke, as usual. And for the 100th time, I asked her to sing. And for the 100th time, she didn’t. She used to sing back in a choir back in the day before we met but I’ve never heard her sing. Maybe, that’s why I want to hear her sing so badly… because she won’t let me hear her. She says she doesn’t like to sing in front of crowds. But isn’t that what choirs do? I know it’s such a small piece of our relationship but i sure wish she would do it just once. Then again, I guess if that’s my biggest complaint, we are doing pretty well.

doc_gloveOK, today is the day. Its Physical Day. I have rescheduled it 2 or 3 times but today is the day that I get poked and prodded. Wish me luck. I will get all of the things done that you are supposed to get when you get a COMPLETE Physical. I’m getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it but I know it’s a necessary thing. UUUGGGHHH! Man, why do people get so worked up before a Doctor visit? Or is it just me?

Then after the doctor, it will be time for my company Christmas party. Yes, I do realize that today is January 27th. But during the holiday season, it is almost impossible to close down a sports bar. Especially with all of the customers that want to have their Holiday parties and then there are the Bowl Games. So, today, we are shutting down the restaurant and everyone is piling on the bus and we are going to a super fun location. But the thing is, I haven’t told ANYONE where we are going. Shouldn’t we all have a few surprises in our lives from time to time? It seems like when we are kids, there’s always a surprise or two from time to time but as adults, those types of things don’t happen nearly as often…but it will today!