I can’t tell you how many times I hear a girl ask, “the guy I’m dating did me wrong. I’m not going to break up with him but I would like to know how long I should stay mad at him.” That’s why I am proud to announce to you, “Big Al’s Transgression Forgiveness Guide.”

We all know that forgiveness is key to “moving on” in relationships right? How great would it be to have a guide to let you know exactly how long you should be mad at your significant other before you move past it? well now you have it. Here are a few examples:Say your man does the most common of all mis-steps. Of course I’m talking about getting your cousin’s phone number at the family reunion. Sure he shouldn’t have done it but there was probably was a good reason. Regardless, the length of anger time is 3 hours. Then, move on!

Maybe your man came home a few hours late on Sunday morning after a night out with the boys. This one is a two part-er. This does happen. The fellas lose track of time after a few brews and the two of you were supposed to go to church that morning. Ok, if that’s the case, you have every right to be upset. 5 hours of Mad is the standard. BUT, if he comes home with the scent of a woman on him or maybe a little lipstick on the collar, don’t be so fast to judge. Likely, he was on the way home, on time, and he ran into a lady on the side of the road that had a flat tire. They got the spare out of the trunk together (scent) and as he shielded her from other cars passing by, (lipstick.) 2 hours. if you don’t get the entire story, its probably because most guys don’t like bragging about their chivalrous acts.

What if your man called you another woman’s name? Sure, this is bad. But isn’t it possible ladies that your man has a mother named, Cassie, Brittney or Sweet Thang? Do your homework. But if you have determined that he didn’t just shout out his mom’s name or his sister’s CB radio handle, 30 minutes is the appropriate length of attitude. Assuming that he didn’t shout out this name during the passion period. If that was the case, just ignore the name and go with it. Please buy my upcoming book Big Al’s Transgression Forgiveness Guide. It will be on shelves soon.