I had two pretty weird Kinsey moments yesterday. I wish I could blame them on all the cough syrup I drank to try to get rid of my awesome new cold, but I didn’t drink enough for that to happen.

Did I just mention I have a cold? Yup, I did. You know how hard it is to take care of a baby all day and try not to kiss all over them? It’s almost impossible. Luckily, I still have my surgical mask from when Kinsey gave birth, so I just wore that all day. I am pretty sure Cason has already shown some symptoms of being sick, but, luckily, he has a doctors appointment on Friday. Anyways, Kinsey got home pretty late yesterday. It was about 6:30. I had just finished working out, which takes about three times as long due to Cason crying here and there, and I hit the shower. Remember, I am in “don’t get people sick” mode. So I get out of the shower and sit on the couch in my towel to catch up on some emails and read some funny knock, knock jokes. Kinsey appears out of our bedroom wearing nice sexy lingerie. What happens next will be blamed on the cough syrup and the cold…. Normally, I would be all over that business, but when she came out I looked up (wearing my surgical mask) and said, “whoa!!!” She has been working her butt of to get to the pre-baby body, and I think she wanted a lil more than just a “whoa”. Guys, if your baby mama comes out in a sexy outfit for the first time since giving birth, give her a lil more than just “whoa”. What was I thinking? I don’t know, but she did change into pajamas after that, thus ruining my chance to have her wear anything like that in the near future. I admit, I may be the one to blame on this one.

Fast forward about two hours. We are getting into bed to call it a night. I am trying to get my shut eye on, but Kinsey has other plans… she wants to talk. If she’s not tired, she wants to talk until she gets tired. This is the worst-case scenario because those talks can last a while. This is when she said, “have I told you that I have been hearing things?” Cue the killer music. I told her I did not. Then she says, “Do you hear that? It sounds like an ambulance.” It was dead quiet. The only thing we could hear was Cason’s white noise maker. I was starting to get amused, so I asked if she hears voices, and she said, “no, but I do hear a baby laugh once in a while… its not Cason, its a different baby.” See to me, all babies sound the same the first 8 months of life, so that was weird. She also says she hears a beep every once in a while. Is this a normal new mom thing, or is my chick cray? Nutty stuff.