You would think that if you did as many stupid things as I do, I would get use to it. But yesterday, I even surprised myself. I wash washing clothes which is something that I hate doing more than any other household chore. So for some reason, yesterday I happened to take a closer look at the detergent that I was using. I don’t even know where this bottle came from. It either was left by Hunny 1, who did her laundry at my house a time or two, or maybe it was left there by the maid chick that I have used before but I haven’t seen in months. I’m not really sure but I know I didn’t buy it. Anyway, I took a close look at the bottle and it was labeled “Color Brightener and Softener.” I have been washing my clothes for the last 2 months, with Color Brightener and softener with absolutely no soap. Ugh! Like I said, sometimes, I even surprise myself. You know what’s even sadder than that? That was the highlight of my day yesterday.

Well, aside from the trip to the grocery store with Nu Chick. It wasn’t a full on grocery shopping trip. It was more of a trip to go get her ice cream. She had mentioned that she had been craving ice cream so we went to get some and she also bought me some Blue Berries. Why? Apparently I have a slight tendency to repeat stories and/or questions from time to time. Imagine that! I can be in the middle of a GREAT story and she looks at me and I pick up on her look and I will stop and ask, “Have I told you this already?” she nods, yes. So she decided to be proactive about my problem. Apparently, (yes, that’s me using “apparently” twice in one paragraph) Blue Berries are supposed to be good for the brain. I had never heard that but I’m going to take her word for it. She says if I eat a steady dose of Blue Berries for a month, I will have a better memory. Ok, I’m gonna try it. So yesterday was my first experience eating Blue Berries. Kinda bland but I’ll give it a shot.

And for those of you that are mildly interested. I have lost 5 pounds in the last 10 days.

Yea me!

Here’s a random fact of the day: My Grandmother grew Cotton in her own backyard!