Should a company ask for your Facebook password? This is a big story in the news right now and I’m trying to think how I feel about this so lets explore. At first thought as an employer, I would like to get to know the person before I hire them. I mean, how many times do you hear, after a crime, “he seemed so normal. He just sat there in his cubicle and didn’t say much to anyone.”

Also, if an employer has the right to run a credit check, they can call your friends and get a reference from them, why wouldn’t they be able to get access to your Facebook to see what type of person you really are? Then again from the employee point of view, you want to have some privacy, don’t you? it could be a situation where you are going through a private, personal matter that you just don’t want your employer to know about. I mean everything isn’t their business, right? man, its such a slippery slope. I guess the real deal is that you need to have two Facebook pages. One for casual friends, work friends, and potential employers, etc and there is nothing on this page that would be damaging. And then you have a super private page where your good friends have access where you have all of the questionable stuff. The problem comes in when you have private stuff and somehow it gets leaked, (tagged) onto someone else’s page and the super private eye type employer does enough snooping where they find that pic of you standing upside down next to a stripper while you’re doing a keg stand in a church parking lot! So, the lesson here is don’t do that. Last night I got a text message at about 6pm from honey 2 saying that she felt like cooking.

Now first of all, I do realize that for 90% of the population, this is what you do every day. people cook in their own homes. But in the Big Al house, this is a big deal. Honestly, I haven’t had ANY meal that was cooked inside of a house in over a year. Maybe closer to two years. I really don’t even remember. Dinner with the family? Restaurant. Birthday dinners? Restaurant. Every night of the week lunch or dinner? Restaurant. I ALWAYS eat out. So when she called me and said she wanted to cook at my house, I was actually pretty excited! I told her to surprise me. cook whatever you like. So she came by the bar, I gave her my key and I told her I would be there in an hour. Cool! I’m excited. A real meal Holyfield. No salmon and spinach for me tonight. (That’s what I eat like 4 times a week from my favorite restaurant.) I’m a fishaholic. This time we are eating some good old homemade something…maybe its meatloaf…maybe pork chops and mashed potatoes, maybe fried chicken…I haven’t had fried chicken since before I went on my diet months ago…I can’t wait to see what she’s putting together for me…what could it be??? what is she gonna make???

I have no idea. I got home an hour later. I opened the door and there she was. Standing next to my stove which I hadn’t turned on in months. What’s she cooking? Fish! Fish Tacos to be exact! Yup, she made fish! Uh huh, good ole fish.. She sure did. Fish tacos. Alright, she made me some fish. Yeah man, fishy, fishy, fishy! Woohoo. Ok, so what it’s my first home cooked meal in years and I eat fish every single night…this fish is being prepared in my kitchen by my girl. And dang it, that fish was the best fish EVER! They were some special awesome fish! The best fish ever… I love fish!