Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is so excited about Bruno Mars’ half time performance we put up to one thousand dollars on the line.

During the show we asked you to call in and we gave you a few Bruno hit songs. Your job was to pick which one you think he’ll play first during his half time performance.

Not all songs pay the same amount. We checked Vegas odds on this performance and here’s what our listeners chose…

  • • Kelly Hellums picked Grenade at $250
  • • Theresa Elam picked Just the Way You Are at $600
  • • Alex Dul Angel picked Locked Out of Heaven at $300
  • • Edines Melendez picked Marry You at $700
  • • Mona Leach picked Lazy Song at $1000
  • • Mary Herman picked Treasure at $200
  • • Elizabeth Hardy was left with Gorilla at $1000

We want to know your prediction too! Take the poll, view the results and on Sunday at Half-Time we’ll all know who was right.

Bruno Mars Half Time Poll

Just the Way You Are0%
Locked Out of Heaven0%
Marry You0%
Lazy Song0%