What did you buy and how much did you LIE and tell your husband that it cost? Kinsey shared a story and we opened the phone lines to hear from you. Listen to it, check out a few Facebook comments and share your stories below!

Deborah BrooksI bought a $1500 horse without telling my first husband. He thought it was my dads horse but really the guy was letting me pay for it over several months. Worked out fine until I fell off the horse and got a concussion. I was really out of it saying weird stuff and repeating myself. My parents took me to the e.r. and picked him up on the way. They had to keep reminding me that I hadn’t told him it was my horse. They didn’t want to be anywhere around if he found out! Lol! He never knew!

Petra PalafoxI buy what I want. It’s my paycheck! I work hard!!! Bought a L.V. and he asked how much I spent…he almost choked!! Then I asked him what brand that bike was in the driveway…Harley. Why not a Honda?? That shut him up!!!

Kristi BatesFloyd Was buying a new Christmas tree. He said , don’t pay over $100.00. I pd $499.00 He was amazed at our $100.00 Christmas tree!! He has bragged and bragged about that tree!!

Rachel RogersI tell my husband it only cost me $25 to get my hair done and a mani pedi but i really pay like $120 or more