Cheyenne’s Blog: Thursday
Cheyenne’s Blog: Thursday

Today being a slow day was surprisingly just as awesome as the rest! I started out with the Kidd Kraddick cast and we all got to hear a rough cut of my new song!! They loved it and I DEFINITELY did too!! After they aired the clip of the song my social media BLEW UP. I had people telling me that they were going to buy at least two copies of my song, asking me to put it on vinyl, and many more amazing things!! That was so cool, to see how people reacted and it was only a rough cut snippet!! Right after the show we went back to the hotel and had the BEST breakfast buffet. WOW it was amazing. Blueberry sausage, my new love.

After a little bit of resting we headed to Septien Entertainment. First I started with Trey. I always tell you guys that he hits me right in the feels, but nothing like today. I was practicing singing girl crush and he told me I wasn’t showing enough emotion. He asked me what the song was about, and when I started telling him he realized that I was very passionate about it.. Because every young girl has that one dumb boy that rips her heart out, and every time I sing that song of course that’s what I think about. Trey kept digging and digging, and finally I just broke down and cried. After I contained myself, he said okay now sing me that song. I poured my heart, soul, and every other ounce of my being into that song. Trey doesn’t compliment very often, because he is just a very tough guy. He told me that he was fighting goosebumps and that I could take over the music industry if I performed like that every single time. It was such a beautiful moment. In that moment I realized that when I perform I have to stop thinking about what my hands are doing, where my eyes should be, and trying to be perfect… And start to become vulnerable and willing to let the feelings just take over. After my session with Trey I had my last guitar lesson with Carlo. He is one of my favorite people in the history of ever.. Ha! He is such a nice guy! I am not the best at guitar but he truly truly believes in me and thinks I can really improve. I have so much just over the past couple days! I also had my last social media meeting today, we compared numbers of followers on all social media sights from when I started to now and it is AWESOME how many I have gained!

I ended today in the studio and I am SOOOO unbelievably happy with how my song is sounding. Today I was asked where I got the line “You know I didn’t come to lose.” I realized that I have never really told anyone that story before.. I had already finished the song and it was all focused on leaving home and adjusting to my life in TN.. and then one day at work I was paired with another artist and he straight up told me that I was never going to make it because I was “Cookie cutter” and “Not good enough”. So after I got home I sat down and re-wrote the song and made it to where it was saying… I didn’t leave my hometown, my family, and my friends for nothing… I didn’t come to lose. Today was such a good day and I am so ready for the video shoot tomorrow!


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