Q. I looked at old videos and some of the songs were ABOUT the morning show. Do they have to be?
A. No. Simply give KiddNation a shout out. This way we know the video was made specifically for this contest.
Q. How long should it be?
A. It doesn’t have to be a whole song if you don’t want, but it should be at least 2 minutes. Some people add “skits” which is fine. Total length shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes.
Q. Do we have to sing a OneRepublic song?
A. Yes. You can do any of the tracks we’ve provided instrumental for (on the main page) OR any of their songs. If we haven’t provided the instrumental, you’ll have to find it (on iTunes?) or play it yourself.
Q. Can we sing a parody or change up the words? (Make the song about Math or Anti-Bullying, etc)
A. Yes! But you don’t have to. It’s up to you! But the music must be from a OneRepublic song.
Q. Can we lip-sync?
A. The students in the video MUST sing, but you can record the audio and video separately, just like a real music video. So you’re lip syncing on the video, but what we’re hearing should still be the same student, not OneRepublic singing.
Q. Can adults help or must it be all student-made?
A. Adults can assist, but the majority of work should be done by students. Adults may do 100% of the video shooting and editing for the K-5 and 6-8 grade levels.
Q. What format can I submit the video in?
A. We’ll only accept links from YouTube. So upload it, then include the link on the entry form. Make sure the video is set to Public.
Q. If we use students from different classes and we win, who gets the $1500?
A. The organizer who submits the video should be a teacher from the school. The teacher will be able to use the money at his/her discretion.
Q. What are we judged on?
A. It’s a combination of the singing and the video.
Q. Do we have to play instruments?
A. No, you can use an instrumental or karaoke track. (We’re included several from OneRepublic on the main page). But playing instruments is great if you’ve got that talent too! You don’t get bonus points for playing instruments.
Q. Can my after-school, pre-school or scout group participate?
A. Yes, as long as it’s sanctioned by and part of a public or private school and all students are from the same school. Your cheerleading squad, football team, choir club or debate team CAN participate! Girl Scout, Boy Scout, karate clubs, Little League, etc cannot participate.
Q. Can we see some of the past winners?
A. Sure. Click HERE to see them!

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