Dating Tips from Big Al
Dating Tips from Big Al

Big Al Mack was kind enough to share some dating tips. Check them out below!

  1. Make a restaurant reservation – and then arrive 10 minutes early for a pre-glass of wine.
  2. Maybe you are one of those people LIKE ME that has a small problem with a one on one conversation with a girl. I know I talk here in a group with relative ease but there is something about being one on one with a girl that is soo hard for me… my bit of advice to you here to help in this situation is to practice… practice talking. Do prep… have 2-3 topics that you are going to talk about. Stories, jokes and topical stuff. It could be stuff that you know she is interested in or maybe even current events… VERY IMPORTANT… THESE 3 STORIES SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT YOU!!! Fellas, this may be the #1 date violation out there… talking about yourself over and over and over… DO NOT OVER USE THE WORD “I”
    Practice talking with girls around the office – have 2 stories and 2 jokes.
  3. Work out before you go to pick her up… gives you confidence and a pump (that way you can start a sentence off with… “when I was at the gym today”
  4. Make sure your clothes are on point. Not too big, not too tight, clean, not wrinkled, not smelly. No logos, no “Overgold”
  5. Clean your car… no girl wants to get picked up in a dirty car. And fill it up with gas BEFORE you pick her up.
  6. Leave your cell phone in the car!