Big Al’s Blog: Did I Lose Weight?
Big Al’s Blog: Did I Lose Weight?

This diet is stressing me out… almost to the point where I want to eat.HA not really. But it is stressful. I stayed on the treadmill yesterday for 65 minutes. Then I sat in the steam room for another 10 min. geez, kidd is giving me STANK EYE everytime he passes me in the hallway. Ugh, can this please be the last week of the competitive weight loss thing? I don’t know if I can handle much more of this! I got on the scale before I left the gym yesterday. I’m not going to give anything away, one way or another, but please ladies and gentlemen, pray for a miracle…the weigh in is today!

Today is cheat day! today, I’m going to eat a bacon cheeseburger for lunch and I’m going to enjoy every tasty bite of it.

Bar Business is a little slow now that college football is over. Can I sell someone a beer or a chicken wing please?? Please??

Red Tails, a movie about the Tuskegee Airmen comes out today. Would anyone like to go? Every time I invite people to the movies, no one shows up but I’m gonna try it again so here we go. I’m inviting 20 people to the movies today. Where? well if you plan on being in Dallas today, I’m gonna be at Northpark AMC at 10:10 this morning. The movie starts at 10:30. see ya at the ticket booth. Email me on my and let me know you’re coming.

Have a great weekend!