Kellie’s Blog: Feliz Navidad!
Kellie’s Blog: Feliz Navidad!

Back to the old grind! Just like old times! Here I am, up at 10:30 finally getting Emma Kelly to bed and typing out a quick blog. I’ve got to figure out how to time my life better. I could conquer the world!! — IF only I was disciplined enough to follow a schedule…get my kid on a schedule (!)…get enough sleep…and lose ten pounds. Oh well! The world can be conquered some other time.
I have spent this entire week of vacation blowing my nose and bleeding money. I caught a cold coming back from London and that developed into a sinus infection. I’m just glad I chose to staycation this week because I’d be mighty ticked off if I was trying to sun ‘n fun it somewhere with a box of Kleenex strapped to my fanny pack. And as far as bleeding money…….

It was the last week of May that my handyman entered my life. His name is Ignacio, but he insists on being called Nacho. Yes, I know. But he says nobody can pronounce Ignacio and he prefers Nacho. What am I supposed to do? So to make it seem better, Emma Kelly and I call him Mr. Nacho. Way back in the last week of May, I hired Mr. Nacho to paint a bathroom and two bedrooms. Well! You know what happens when you paint a bathroom and two bedrooms, don’t you? The rest of the walls in the house look battered and tattered and they’re just begging for their own fresh coat of paint, too. And oh, when you’re finished with painting, Mr. Nacho, can you please check out this little crack in the corner of my shower? What? I’m lucky the whole thing hasn’t collapsed on me because the people who redid my master bathroom when I moved in almost 7 years ago didn’t do it right and water’s been leaking through that crack and puddling underneath my shower ever since??? Well, go ahead and replace my entire shower then!  And after that, Mr. Nacho, can you please check that tile that’s crunching on the floor of my daughter’s bathroom that I just had remodeled two years ago? What? You mean the tiles were never glued down and they all have to be lifted up and replaced? Okay…Well, take care of that, too. Oh! And Mr. Nacho? Can you pretty please check those cracks around the windows in my daughter’s play room? I just had those windows installed 3 years ago and got a really great deal on them. I mean, they were dirt cheap! What? The windows were never sealed? Oh. Would you mind taking care of that, too?  And oops! I ran over a can of paint in the garage, Mr. Nacho. Can you paint over that mess for me? And then……and then……and THEN!!!!! It’s becoming a running joke around here! I asked Mr. Nacho yesterday if I should just go ahead and make plans now for him to join us for Christmas. I know Emma Kelly would love that. Mr. Nacho has been teaching EK a little espanol and I know it’d be muy bien with her to spend feliz navidad with Mr. Nacho. But we shall see. I may be broke by then and Mr. Nacho will have to move on down the road to another money pit.

Mr. Nacho decided to give me a day of rest from house repairs today, so I spent this — my last day of vacation — cleaning my house. I had “Hoarders” on in the background for inspiration and I was getting it DONE. I sent Emma Kelly into her play room to clean it up from a semi-disaster. EK and I hosted an end-of-summer/back-to-school/Shanda’s birthday slumber-free slumber party last night. Everybody wore their pajamas and we ate pajama party food and did pajama party stuff, but then everybody went home to their own beds. Fabulous, right? Anyway, I went to check on EK’s progress in the play room and found her right in the middle of organizing Barbie’s Dream House, getting all of Barbie’s rooms back in order. That’s when she told me she was setting up one corner of the Dream House for Barbie to praise the Lord. Yes, Emma Kelly. I know we should’ve gone to church today. And thank you for that big punch of guilt to the stomach.

And now it’s ridiculously late and I need to get to bed. But first….How great were the Spice Girls tonight?!?!