A buddy of mine has been dating this girl for a few months and Saturday, he came in the bar alone. I asked where his woman was and without hesitation, he fessed up. He was suspicious and he went thru her cell phone. His suspicions were confirmed. They weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend but they were pretty tight. And he definitely didn’t consider their relationship one where it was ok to text multiple people. This sounds like a love letter to Kellie doesn’t it. Anyway, she is mad at him for going through her phone. He is mad at her for texting other dudes. Anyway, I just thought it was odd when I heard about a guy doing the snooping. I always thought that was more of a girl thing to do. Do guys snoop like that as well? Let me hear from you.

Another buddy, B.J., celebrated his birthday Saturday night and I bought him a cake. It wasn’t really a party or anything. It was more of 2-3 guys getting together to do a few shots. And since B.J. is on the heart transplant list, I thought it would be cool to have his birthday cake made into the shape of a heart. It was pretty freaking awesome.

Me and Nu Chick are taking a short trip this weekend. I am always afraid on these trips that something is going to happen and make it the worse trip ever. That has happened twice where we just didn’t get along at all and the whole trip was ruined. The worse part was the plane ride back because we had to sit next to each other, touching legs, and we hadn’t even said 5 words to one another the previous 2 days. And this was before I had a bar there so I didn’t even have that place to go to escape. Or then again, it could work out just fine. Hunny 2 was great to travel with. “Laid Back” was her middle name. oh well, which ever way it goes, I’ll find out in 1 week. Nu Chick is pretty laid back as well so I think it will be fine. It would be nice if we knew each other a little bit better. Then again, I guess we will after this trip.