We all agree. Dieting is boring. We know this. I was sooo hungry Friday night. The Burger place was calling my name. it was 2am and the only thing that is open at that hour is stuff that isn’t conducive to trying to lose weight. I chose good eating…that time. I went home and ate a can of salmon. Did you hear me? A can of salmon. I grabbed a spoon. I opened a can and scooped salmon right out of the can. Wow, how is the diet going? Oh its going great.

Saturday, there was a little bit of cheating going on… not bad cheating but a little.

I sampled a little of our new menu items. Honestly, I had to sample them, right. but man, once real food hit my lips, it was on! Sunday, I didn’t do much better. In fact, I took food to my parents house and I ordered a plate for me as well. Fried catfish, Fried mac and cheese, green beans. Oh, I cheated. But now, I have all of that out of my system. So its back to the diet

I haven’t said these words since I was married, I cheated…ok, it wasn’t that serious. But it felt bad. It really did. But I’m back on the diet today and back in the gym this evening. One thing that feels great is wearing clothes that I haven’t worn in a while. I’m still not confident enough to put on some of my tighter t-shirts, but I wore a pair of Levi’s Saturday that I haven’t had on in a LONG time.

I’m really nervous. I got the email over the weekend that Kidd’s Christmas present is here. I waited to late before Christmas and they ran out of them and there was a 2 week wait. But it’s here now. I have been sort of hit and miss with my gifts with all of my friends. And this one is something that I think he’ll like but I just never know. Keep your fingers crossed.

Today I have to go to a funeral for a friend. Funerals are never easy but this one will be one of the tougher ones because she was a young lady in her 20’s. after that, I deliver Kidds gift. After that, I go to my parents house to give my dad a shave. That’s my day!!!

Have a good one everyone!