Kellie’s Blog: Good thing she’s the cutest puppy EVER.
Kellie’s Blog: Good thing she’s the cutest puppy EVER.

I guess it was a good week of vacation because it felt really, really long. Maybe it’s because on Sunday, Emma Kelly’s lovely little gift from Santa, Phoebe, jumped up to give me a kiss and clawed me in the eye. But not just any eye. She had to go for my right eye — the eye I had lasik surgery on over Christmas break. Sunday morning, I put the last drop of my prescription in my right eye and threw the bottle in the trash. DONE! But then came Sunday evening. So after Phoebe gouged me, I ran to my bathroom to see the damage. Yeah….it looked pretty bad. And while I’m debating on if this is worthy of an emergency call to the doctor, Phoebe pees on the carpet.


So there I was, holding a tissue over my eye with one hand, dabbing up pee with the other and just sobbing. Now BOTH eyes were pouring water. And Emma Kelly was getting upset “because it’s all Phoebe’s fault!! Why did Santa bring me this dog???” And I was trying real hard not to come up with a good reason not to agree with her in that moment.

I decided to call the doctor and I called my parents. Yes, I still call Mama and Daddy. phoebeWho else am I gonna call? My HUSBAND?? Oh yeah…don’t have one of those. So I’m a grown-ass woman who still has to call her mommy and daddy. It is what it is. So I laid up on the couch when my parents arrive and within five minutes, Mama steps in the poop that Phoebe conveniently left for me behind the dining room table. Why did Santa bring us this dog again? Oh yeah…she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. So even though I get so mad at her I could spit, I think we’ll keep her.

So finally, Daddy was driving me to the doctor’s office with my eye running water and my nose pouring snot, and I was just praying that my eye wasn’t as bad as it felt.

According to the good doctor on call, thankfully, Phoebe is a dog and not a cat. And thankfully, she missed my lasik incision and my iris. But she did get my cornea pretty darn good, so he patched up my eye and made me an appointment for first thing Monday morning. Oh! And he also told me it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do my scheduled workout Monday afternoon, so I found yet another excuse to legitimately cancel. Bonus! Thanks, Phoebe!!

No need to go into all the gory details, but after a few numbing drops and little snip-snips, I got a contact lens bandage, another prescription for eye drops and another follow-up doctor’s appointment. In fact, I was at the doctor’s office five times during spring break. But, it was all good. Eyes heal super quickly and by Friday morning, the contact lens was out and my eye is close to complete again.

AND, Phoebe hasn’t peed or pooped in the house since last Sunday!! It’s a spring break miracle!!