Happy April Fools!
Happy April Fools!

If you have been waiting all year to pull a prank for April Fools, the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show wants to help! Check out the list and share yours below!

  1. Most people lock their iPhones, but you can still use Siri to send text messages without unlocking. Just hold down the home button then tell Siri, “Send a text to _____.” Then you’ll be able to send any hilarious text you want!

  3. Write the message “Do Not Open Unless You Plan To Kill It” on an upside-down paper cup and put it on your co-worker’s desk!

  5. When a co-worker steps away from their PC, press CTRL-ALT-DownArrow to flip their screen upside down! (CTRL-ALT-UpArrow fixes it). See more PC pranks or Mac pranks here (Mac: here)

  7. Freeze your kid’s cereal! See it here
  8. frozen-cereal



  9. Switch your neighbor’s lawn furniture/decorations with another neighbor across the street.

  11. Block the spout of a shampoo bottle with a clear piece of plastic  to prevent shampoo from coming out!

  13. Switch your kid’s cereal with a bag of yours. Works best if you eat something “boring.”

  15. Make your water colored! Get a color pellet from an Easter Egg coloring kit (or Kool Aid mix), unscrew your faucet, add the pellet, then put the cap back on. See it here
  16. blue-water


  17. Paint a bar of soap with clear fingernail polish. You won’t be able to lather up!
  18. fingernail-polish


  19. Superglue a coin to the pavement.

  21. Change your outgoing voicemail message to “Hello? … Hello? … April Fools!”

  23. Change your birthday on Facebook to April 1.

  25. Tape an Airhorn under the seat of a co-worker.
  26. airhorn


  27. This one requires a friend. Get a number of someone you don’t know (get the number from a friend). Text them the message, “Please remain at your current location until the trace is complete. Thank you for your cooperation.”

  29. Place cups filled with water everywhere!
  30. cups


  31. Put up flyers with your friend’s number on it. While you can get creative with what the flyer is about, here’s one idea… 
  32. flyer


  33. Add food coloring to milk that comes in a cardboard container.

  35. Make a sign that says “Please Use Other Door” and place it on the entrance to your work… if you only have one entrance.

  37. Buy some underwear, write a co-worker’s name in them, then leave them on the floor of the office bathroom.

  39. Rubber band the sprayer on the kitchen sink into the “on” position.

  41. Prank your local drive thru. Download this sign here and let the fun begin.
  42. Drive-through-sign