Happy National Dog Day!
Happy National Dog Day!

We want to to celebrate all dogs… mutts, mixes, purebreds, and everything in between.

Check out all our fur babies below!


Meet Kellie’s dog named Larry.

“Not today, Satan!”


Meet Kellie’s dog named Zoey.

“First one to blink gets licked.”


Meet J-Si’s Chihuahua/devil mix named Coco.

“She looks very calm but is most likely to bite your coworker in the butt when they enter your house!” (Yes, it really happened)


Meet J-Si’s Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix named Piper.

“Most likely to be cast as baby Chewbacca in a Star Wars movie”


Meet Big Al’s 7-year-old Goldendoodle named Curtis.


Meet Big Al’s 1-year-old Goldendoodle named Tripp.


Meet Ana’s 2-year-old Great Pyrenees mix named Buster.

“A rescued Aquarius who loves long walks at the park, taking naps, drama, and gossiping.”


Meet Part-Time Justin’s dog named Beau.

“I bring you dis stick.”


Meet Nick’s 9-year-old Golden Retriever named Samantha.

“She’s become an old woman who loves barking at people and giving them kisses when they pet her.”


Meet Trey’s 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Mowgli.

 “Finally, it’s Nt’l Dog Day again! What’s it been… like 7 years?”