As part of our Salute to Veterans, today we honor Jessica Foster. Stay tuned to hear how she reacts to a surprise vacation, thanks to VISIT FLORIDA!

In the meantime, nominate a friend or family member who has served and read what Shelly wrote about Jessica below.

“My son was in the Navy and had just turned 21 when he was involved in a fatal car accident. Chief Foster was his immediate Chief and she stayed at the hospital and kept me up to date with his condition while I was frantically trying to get a flight from Texas to Virginia. He succumbed to his injuries that night and I wasn’t able to get a flight. Because Chief Foster and I had developed a bond during those critical hours, she was selected to perform the dignified transfer. She was not a CAC Officer so this meant that she had to learn the procedures for the full military honors funeral. She had to present the folded flag and shells to me and give the military condolences. She learned these procedures in flight. She is a mentor to all the young sailors that she leads and was definitely a mentor to my son. She will always have a special place in my heart for her dedicated service to the military and for honoring my fallen sailor.”

Listen to “A Big Thanks To Chief Foster!” on Spreaker.