I was supposed to have a movie star type weekend. Fly into a city for one day with some friends, and come home the next day. Key word: “supposed”. Things ended up not working out because I have to be responsible with the moneys. However, Kinsey was awarded a girls night out by our court system, because of this trip that was supposed to happen. What is our court system? Its basically when Kinsey and I sit down and agree or disagree on something that has to do with having fun. Surprisingly, we are pretty fair about this. So Kinsey went out, and apparently had a busy night. She met up with an old friend who moved away, but was in town. She then ended up meeting up with K-Ras and Jenna at Al’s bar… which gave me the highlight of the weekend. Kinsey has video of Jenna, who is the most amazing horrible singer on the face of the Earth, singing “I Will Always Love You”. What made it amazing? The fact that she was going all out, and did not really mind the fact that she did not hit any of the notes correctly.

On Saturday, we had a mom and dad club night at the house. See, we have to create things to keep things fun, because staying in the house with a baby most of the time takes the wind out of ya. This is what we decide to do, in numerical order:

1. Put the Baby down at 8 pm.

2. Shower

3. Get dressed up. (hair did, make up did, all that)

4. Go to the store and get drinks

Now you are ready. We pretend we are at a club, where the music is not too loud. We make drinks, listen to music, cook some dinner, and usually cap it off by watching a movie. We watched “Wonderlust”. Its that movie with Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd. Kinsey usually gets too tipsy and passes out by 10:30 (what a rookie! haha), so I ended up watching most of the movie on my own. But I did realize that I want to do something like that. I want to find a Wonderlust type of place and just live with no worries for a week. In that camp they were open with sharing their significant other… so that is the one thing I will not participate in, but other than that, I am in! The only bad thing about our little club night is that I wasted a good outfit at home.

Now I must look forward to my encounter with Zach Galifaninflkdnfdskis (thats how you spell it, right?!) and Will Ferrell. Whats going to happen? I dont know, but it may get nutty. Clue: Cason is coming with me. Boom!