Don’t you hate it when you leave your cell phone at home and then spend your entire morning in a state of semi-panic, convinced you MUST be missing some incredibly urgent phone calls and text messages. And then after 7 and a half hours, you finally make it back home and scramble to find your phone, only to find that NO ONE CALLED. Not one person.

That means that technically, I could’ve been dead for those 7 and a half hours. Then let’s just just say another couple of hours passed before somebody actually called and got my voice mail. But then when I didn’t call that person back, it could be assume that I was either too busy to return the call or that I was in one of my shut-down-all-forms-of-communication funks. So after another two or three days pass, this person MIGHT attempt calling me again and leaving another message. But then they may assume I’m still busy or funky when I don’t call back. So feasibly, I could be dead for a solid week or longer without anybody noticing. Well, I guess the people I work with might notice when I don’t show up by the second day or so. But without a job, I could easily be dead to the point of stinky decomposition before anybody discovered my remains. So I guess it’s a good thing I have a job.


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