We got the insurance people out to the house yesterday. I learned something new from that experience: getting an insurance assessment takes about 3 years… at least it felt that long. We were there for probably two hours, waiting on this lady as she did some calculations in her van. But at least that part is done. All we have to do is wait. I have realized that moving is definitely going to be a lot harder than I thought. Why? Because it is. haha. I know that we could definitely move and not worry about the lease, but there are absolutely zero houses in our budget for rent in our neighborhood, and Kinsey is pretty set on staying in this neighborhood. I don’t know why, but she does. I just hope that this does not take longer than a week because thats how long I got us set up in different spots. We will stay in her sisters house another day, then Kidd offered his house for the weekend since he is out of town, and then we are staying in a hotel all of next week… so if the house, that Kinsey wants to stay in so badly, is not ready by next Friday… heads are gonna roll. Ok, not really, but I will be even more stressed.

Oh, did I mention that my bio sis is coming in on the 15th? Yeah, we have no house and visitors coming to town. The tickets were bought, and I know she is really excited to come visit us, so I am gonna make this work. I just hope she doesnt get all stressed out because we are.

Oh, and did I mention that Oprah’s people finalized the dates? They want to come on the 23rd and film through the 25th. Yeah, so I will have bio sis here, while they film me. They want to film at my house and were asking if we could BBQ in the backyard for some footage. When I told them a tree fell on my house and we may not have it ready by then, I could tell she was stressed out… not for us, but for the show. That irritated me a bit, but I understood. They also keep pushing to have bio dad on… and that irritated me a bit, since I keep telling them “no”. I guess we will see how it goes. But at least it is all set to go, but timing could not be worse.

Still not call from mom’s side of the fam to see if we are OK… but I saved a bunch of money on my house insurance. HA! good times!