J-Si and his family deal with family secrets on the Oprah Winfrey Network
J-Si and his family deal with family secrets on the Oprah Winfrey Network

After months of not speaking, J-Si and his family came face-to-face on new TV show, “Iyanla Fix My Life”, and confronted each other over a family secret that tore them apart. If you missed it, check out  the videos and see the stuff you didn’t see on TV in exclusive webisodes!

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J-Si’s Heart Check

When he was 23 years old,  radio personality J-Si learned the man that raised him was not his real father. Watch as Iyanla does a heart check with J-Si to find out who he’s really angry with, why this family secret has left him unable to trust anyone and why he wants to heal the rift that has since torn his family apart. Plus, find out what Iyanla’s emotional assignment is for J-Si.


Why Patricia Lied About Her Son’s Father for 23 Years

Patricia became pregnant with her son,  radio personality J-Si, at 17 years old. Her parents would not allow her to have a relationship with the baby’s father, who was then only 15. Patricia eventually married Alex, and together they raised J-Si and his sister, never telling J-Si who his father really was. Watch as Iyanla helps Patricia get in touch with that frightened 17-year-old to find out why she made the choice she did.


The Chavez Family Reunites

The day has come. After not speaking for five months following the revelation of a painful family secret, radio personality J-Si is reuniting for the first time with his mother, sister and the man who raised him. Watch the emotional scene unfold and the healing begin.


Patricia Washes Away Her Painful Past

For 23 years, Patricia lied to her son, J-Si, about the identity of his biological father. He wants to heal the rift between them, but Patricia is still stuck. To help support Patricia, Iyanla shares some of her own story and asks Patricia to wash away the resentment of her past—in the pool. Watch Patricia finally cleanse the shame, guilt and hurt from her past.


The New Chavez Family Album

For 23 years, Patricia lied to her son, J-Si, about the identity of his biological father. To heal, Iyanla asked them to each make pages for a new family scrapbook to finally ground their family history in the truth. Watch as Patricia shares the pages she made and see the incredible closure it brings to both her and her son.


Exclusive Webisode : J-Si’s wife Kinsey opens up to Iyanla

Radio personality J-Si and his family have stopped speaking over a family secret. Iyanla has spoken to everyone involved—and now she’d like some perspective from J-Si’s wife, Kinsey. Watch their conversation about breaking family patterns and how Kinsey can support the family.


Exclusive Webisode: J-Si on His Biological Father

When Iyanla arrived, morning radio personality J-Si hasn’t spoken to his mother in five months after she revealed that the man who raised him is not his biological father. Watch as he opens up on his morning show to Iyanla about his relationship with his biological father and how that has contributed to the growing rift between him and his mother.


Iyanla’s Reflections: Family Secrets

Like it or not, family secrets happen. Still, it only takes one person to step forward and start the healing. Watch Iyanla’s message for you.


Iyanla’s Teachable Moment: Stopping Family Secrets

A family secret hurts everyone—not just one or two members. Find out what lesson Iyanla wants everyone to learn about secrets and lies, and get the two actions every one of us can take to repair mistakes of the past for a peaceful future.