Well, I got a pretty cool email today. It was from a director, who is getting ready to film his first “Feature Film”. It came from a Mexican guy too. He moved to the states after studying in Mexico, and he has actually been doing some good work. It’s an independent thing, but he is going to enter it into a film festival in Hollywood. All this stuff totally got me excited! I would be playing one of the lead characters. I got more excited after that! He event sent me the script so that I could read it over. The excitement turned into nervousness.

If you have ever been in a relationship, youFree-Shipping-HOLLYWOOD-FILM-PROP-HOME-font-b-MOVIE-b-font-font-b-ACTION-b-fonthave gone through that moment where you have to ask your significant other a question… that you don’t really want to ask. Maybe it’s: “Can I go hang out with my friend, Bad Influence Paul, at some pool party with his model friends?” Or: “Hey babe? Can I go buy those $800 shoes I really like?” It’s those questions where you are more certain to get shut down, than getting the green light.

I was nervous about asking Kinsey about being in this movie… this is why I had to talk myself into it, and come up with a checklist, to make it as easy as possible:

1. Butter your partner up with the corny nickname you have for them, and break the question up into two parts, allow your partner to interact and feel welcome. It’s like easing into a hot tub. You don’t to get in super fast because it will burn you. You get in nice and slow (that’s what she said… sorry, had to do it for Kidd. ha!)

In this particular instance, involving this movie, the question is:

Me: “Hey Snuggle Bear, (that’s the buttering up) can I be in a movie? I get to be a lead character!”

Her: “Oh wow!” (Interaction complete. Step one completed.)

2. Ease into the second portion of the question by making it sound like it is no big deal:

Me: “Yeah, there is going to be a love scene between the characters…” (I suck at easing it in)

Her: *I don’t know what she will say, because she is pregnant and unpredictable*

3. Get shut down.

Yup, that was my plan… I got stuck after step 2 because I was pretty sure I would get a big ol’ “NO”. I am going to record her answer, so that it is legally binding, just in case she says “yes”, and I will keep you posted.

So wish me luck with trying to start my movie career! Isn’t that how Ben Affleck got started? Hope I don’t suck at acting…