Well, we are officially part of “Dilation Nation”! Yay!!! Actually, more like “AHHHHHH!” We had our checkup yesterday, and we are only about 1cm right now. So, it could take a couple of more weeks. We have officially entered the “stay 5 minutes away from Kinsey at all times” stage… except for when I am at work, which is 10 minutes away, or 5 minutes if Kinsey is about to give birth. Her bag is packed, with about 95% pink stuff. The only thing she is bringing that is not pink are some yoga pants. She said she would bring her pink ones, but she thinks she might be overdoing it. When it comes to Chloe, everything is pink. Her socks, her onsies, her diaper covers, her leggings, her lil pants… everything! She says its because Chloe will probably be bald, and she doesn’t want people to think she’s a boy. Fair enough.

j-si-familyThe only problem now is that until the baby comes, we have to go to the doctor every single week… and I don’t know how much you may know about “Dilation Nation”, especially if you are a dude, but in order to find out how far into Dilation Nation we are, the doctor has to… ummm… yeah… I know what that means he did. Pretty awkward to shake the hand of a man who just did what he did, while I watched what he did, as I held my kid. I rhymed. Good times.