Our intern, Alex, wrote an open letter on Facebook that made it sound like he was dissing all the men at the station. This lead to taking calls to find Alex some love advice and a surprise ending. Listen below!

Read Alex’s Facebook post that got it all started

“I’m really sorry if this offends you but…

Am I the only nice guy out there? Maybe I’m confused. I sometimes feel like I get judged because I choose not to go out and get drunk, or “meet” people. I think my view on life is the complete opposite of what you see.
You see, I don’t need to “go out” to enjoy myself. Sure, I like going out with my friends but that happens on a rare occasion. No, I’m not lonely so don’t think I am. I guess I don’t click well with people because most people still act like they’re in high school and “need” to go out to have a good time, and hope to go home with someone.
I’ve had a steady job since I was 15 years old and 99.9% of all men I work with are incredibly nasty to all women. I must be that .1%… I love people watching, it’s a hobby. I understand that women need attention, but why are they willing to get attention from anyone that buys them a drink or acts like a complete ass to them? I don’t get it.
I’m very confused when it comes to getting a woman I guess. Why do men only care about taking a girl home? I hate that men treat women with disrespect. Can’t life be a little easier? Women are just used and abused nowadays. I’ve read that women love a bad guy… Why is that?
Why don’t people spend time at home anymore?
This is what I want… I want a girl who loves me for who I am. I want a girl who appreciates me. That’s all. You see, people will give you a list of a thousand things they expect in someone but if that person truly loves you for who you are, it covers everything on your list. Life is beautiful, and so is love. I promise I’ll treat you well.”