This was, possibly, the toughest weekend for me, as a father. It started last week, when Cason got sick. He had some sort of pink eye, caused by a head cold. He also developed a nice double ear infection. He was kind enough to share with his sister, who also got sick with basically the same thing. Luckily, Kinsey and I seemed to be steering clear… until Friday, when Kinsey started feeling sick too.

Kinsey was going to wait it out, and see how she felt, but by Saturday, she was a mess. We went to grab some lunch, and on our way home, we (all four of us) stopped at a CVS to buy some tissues, and some cold medicine for Kinsey. That is when she noticed the “minute clinic”. They will take care of you in a minute is what I was assuming, due to the name. Kinsey said she should go check it out. So there I am with two kids, sitting in isle 12 of the store. Chloe was sleeping in her stroller. Cason, was playing with a toy car I bought him. He started getting restless, grabbed an item from the “as seen on TV” section, and threw it a Chloe. She woke up. He took off running on me. I had to chase after him, while Chloe was fussing.

jsi-blog-020314I caught Cason a couple of rows away, but he started throwing a bit of a fit. So I had to give him the talk. Get down on his level. Make eye contact. Tell him to behave. Have him apologize… all that good stuff. We are 15 minutes in, waaaaaay past a minute. I walk back, semi draggin Cason behind me. As I approach Chloe’s stroller, I see a lady standing there. She was looking around. Remember, I am in a store, I know my daughter is in her stroller. I am fully aware of where she is at the entire time. I get closer, she looks at me and says, “can you believe someone left their baby all alone?” Awkward turtle. I did the slight hand raise and said, “yeah, that’s my daughter.” I would have explained what happened, but the lady, and her fanny pack, walked away.

Forty five minutes passed, before Kinsey resurfaced. They ran tests on her and all that jazz. I was clearly frazzled. She just smiled and said, “sounded like you had a tough time.” I nodded. She followed up with, “this is what it is like for me monday through friday.” The woman made a valid point… being a stay at home mom to two lil ones may be one of the hardest things to handle, but I still came back with, “have you ever dealt with a Kellie Rasberry when she hasn’t gotten any sleep, is running late, and is in a bad mood?” haha!

Kinsey ended up having a head cold. Fluid in her ears, but not a full on infection yet. She was given a prescription that made her feel worse. So two lil ones and a mommy… all sick. I am sure my time is coming this week. How do I keep it from turning into a cycle of disease that we just keep passing on and on and on? Good times!