I will be honest with you… I probably don’t have a future as a stunt man in Hollywood. I am terrible at pretend hitting, and what makes things worse, is that my partner happens to be a cop. The poor guy got kicked in the face twice the first time we attempted to pretend like we were fighting. Well, last night we had to do it again. Luckily, this time I only kicked him in the face once, but I also hit him in the man parts. My bad. I keep thinking that I am not going to hit him, but I guess my depth perception may be just a bit off.

I found what took place as I headed home around 2 am, to be a bit of poetic justice. Why? Because I wanted to get home as soon as possible, so that I could possibly catch an hour or two of sleep. At this point, any bit of sleep is great. Was I driving a bit fast? Possibly… and by “possibly”, I mean yeah. I will admit it, I was driving over the speed limit. I was about a minute away from making it home, when I saw a police cruiser hanging out on a officerside street. I hit the brakes, but as I approached it, his headlights turned on. As I passed him, I saw the car start moving. Within 20 seconds he was right behind me, lighting me up. Busted. My record, when it comes to getting out of tickets, is 0-7. I don’t have the best of luck when it comes to that. But a few months ago, we did a break where we talked about getting out of tickets, and what you can do. I tried to remember as much as possible, to see if it worked. So I pulled into a well lit parking lot. I rolled my window down, and turned the radio completely off. I then placed both my hands on the steering wheel, so that the police officer felt safe to approach me. My next step was to apologize profusely and tell him it will never happen again… which is something I would absolutely mean. Well, we didn’t get that far.

See, what had happened was that I forgot to remember that my right hand was covered in fake blood, my arm had blood splatter, I had blood splatter on my face, and I had a “bruise” on the left side of my face, and I had dirt all over my clothes. Basically, I looked like I had just committed a heinous crime. The police officer noticed my hand as soon as he reached the back of my car. He stopped, got in defense mode, before I could begin my apology tour, and asked me what was on my hand. That is when I realized what I probably looked like, and for some reason responded by saying, “blood”. Correct answer should have been “fake blood”. My bad. He asked me why I was covered in blood. I just told him, “I know it may not look good, but I was just filming a lil movie by the lake, and it involved some fake blood. I promise I did not do anything bad.” He could probably tell I was telling the truth, because he loosened up… in fact, he started laughing. He told me I gave him a bit of a scare because he thought he had stumbled across a crazy person. I apologized to him for speeding and told him I was just trying to get home to get a lil bit of sleep before I had to wake up. I handed him my drivers license, he ran it, and then let me off with a warning! This was the first time to ever get out of a ticket!!!! Yes!!!! All it took was some fake blood, a fake bruise, and some dirt. So there you go, make a police officer have a chuckle and he may give you a break next time 🙂