Sooooo, we are back from Kidd’s Kids, and Cason was actually excited to see me. But, to be honest with you, he gets excited when anybody comes over to the house… so I don’t know if I really had anything to do with his excitement. He did get to stay up past his bedtime because we were playing hide and seek with tickling involved. I won, mostly because he thinks that if he just touches you, he is tickling… but it really isn’t. If you tickle him, he will laugh, he will then place his hand on your neck, or tummy, and stare at you until you laugh. Once again, we are taking baby steps.

With that said, lets get to the “my family is sooooo Mexican…” moment of the day. As soon as I get home, I can tell Kinsey is excited to tell me something. Apparently bio dad was trying to get a hold of me, but we were a lil busy traveling. He ended up calling Kinsey. This is also pretty hilarious because Kinsey doesn’t speak Spanish, and he speaks a lil bit of English. Turns out that this is how the conversation went down, in Kinsey’s words:

Kinsey: Bueno? (yes, she really said that)
Bio dad: Hi quince! (that’s what her name sounds like when they say it). We are at the store getting ready for tanksgiven.
Kinsey: ohhh, yay!
BD: we are shopping for presents and want to know what you guys want.
Kinsey: for Thanksgiving?
BD: yes.
Kinsey: we don’t exchange presents on thanksgiving… haha
BD: ohhh! Everyone has been buying presents to give for tanksgiving.
Kinsey: oh no no no! we just have a dinner.
BD: good, makes things easier. When do you guys usually do the piñata?
Kinsey: huh?
BD: no piñata on tanksgiving?
Kinsey: haha, we’ve never done it, but sounds fun!
BD: ok, what would Cason want… Elmo?
Kinsey: yeah, fake Mexican Elmo will be fine.
Me: ummm… you told him Elmo is fine?
Kinsey: yes.
Me: you do know Elmo is involved in a sex scandal involving a former teenage boy right?
Kinsey: oh crap!

I cannot wait for Thanksgi… I mean, tanksgiving! It is so nice of them to go out of their way to make Kinsey feel at home 🙂