Due to finding out about my biological father, I have also found out some other interesting things regarding my past and roots. So I went from a kid, born in Mexico, with what I believed to have been some Mayan blood in me (hence my Asian looking eyes), with nothing but traces of being straight up Mexican on my dad’s side, to finding out that Bio dad’s father is from Spain, and actually lived there for some time. That got me interested in visiting Spain. I have always wanted to go, but to catch a futbol match. That turned into wanting to go to learn about where my ancestors come from.

So the time came, and bio dad actually invited my family out to Spain, and France with his family when July starts. His wife is from France, so they tend to visit often. Kinsey was stoked, as was I. I have a passport, Kinsey has a passport, Cason has a passport, so we just had to get Chloe her passport and we would be all set up. So we hit up a spot to get her passport picture, went to the right government officials to sign off on her passport together, paid $80 to have it expedited to make sure it arrived on time, and moved on to the next step.

chloe-needs-a-passportKinsey took the project on, because she was so excited. She was working with my sister to book the flights, and where we would meet… all the good stuff. Plus, Kinsey has actually traveled quite a bit. We were not able to purchase the tickets that night because the credit card company could not get clearance of bio dad’s points. The owner of the card had to be the one to clear them. So we put it on hold, and were planning on getting them this week, when he had a chance, and because we had to wait on Chloe’s passport.

Well, that all came to a halt, when the mail came. We got a letter from the passport office… and what had happened was that we done messed up a lil bit. Apparently, we sent Cason’s birth certificate along with Chloe’s paperwork. So they were not able to process the paperwork. The letter was even address to Chloe as “Dear Ms. Chavez”. haha! Thank god we had not purchased the tickets, because everything would have fallen through, or become extremely stressful.

But, honestly… I feel relieved. Traveling to Europe with two kids under 3 would have wrecked us, and whatever sleeping pattern we had set up for the kids. So maybe it was divine intervention, right? I think so. I know we will eventually get to visit Spain, and I will learn where my family comes from.

In other news, Cason did not seem phased by these events. I walked in on him in his room. He had all his toys around him, and was picking them up… smelling their toy butts, saying “ewwww!”, setting them down, and moving on the next one. The only one that did not get an “ewww” was his Lotso Huggin Bear from Toy Story… he said “mmmmmm!” to that one because he smells like strawberries. Good times.