Well, Kinsey has started having some minor contractions. I know what you are thinking: why aren’t you driving her to the hospital?!?! Trust me, I almost did. I don’t tend to stay very cool, calm, and collected when it comes to medical stuff. As soon as she said she thought she was having some contractions, I ran in the room, threw some clothes in a suitcase, ran to Cason’s room, threw some of his stuff in his little babysuitcase that is shaped like a dog, and ran back out to the living room. I got the “what are you doing?” stare from Kinsey. Apparently, you can get some contractions without actually going into labor. If the water breaks, or they are super strong contractions, then we have to get moving. Hey, at least I got up and moved around instead of sitting in shock. My packing skills were pretty petty, though. I only grabbed one sock, some gym shorts, and a tank top… because it is summertime and I don’t think sleeves are necessary around this time of the year. I did a little bit better with Cason’s bag. I packed two diapers, which we would have used up in a second, some PJ’s, a pair of socks, and his teddy bear. Maybe I should pack in advance. Of course this happened the day Kinsey’s mom left.

Question: why do they say that your water breaks? Water doesn’t break… it liquid. I know it sounds weird, but they should just call it what it is: a water leak. I don’t call a plumber and tell him my water broke, I call and tell him that I have a leak. Right?! Changing the world. That’s what this is all about. Good times!!!