Weird weekend for me… mostly because I don’t know if I am sick or I have really bad allergies. As a dude, I try to steer away from going to the doctors. Why? I don’t know. That’s just what we do. But, I will say this… I almost went because it felt like I was only able to use 1/3 of my lungs and my breaths did sound wheezy. Kinsey thinks I have Bronchitis, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Or maybe the former owners of our house had a bunch of animals and their fur got all up in the carpet… I actually hope I am sick, because that eventually goes away. Good news, it got slightly better on Sunday… so I guess I’ll wait it out.

Did make it out of the house on Saturday. Hit up a Cinco the Mayo celebration. I know, a few days past the actual holiday, but sometimes you have to deal with authorities when you try to put a festival together. Lots of my peeps came out, including a gentleman who didn’t say anything as he walked up to me, and discreetly handed me a business card. I looked at the card… it was for lawn care… looked back up at him and he said, “I heard you suck at it.” He gave me a smile and walked away. haha. Thanks, Big Al.

jsi-blog-pic-051616I ended up not working on my yard this weekend, but I have a solid excuse. A. I felt sick. B. I put my ping-pong table together! I started to work on it on my own, and quickly realized that this thing was a two man job. Luckily, my buddy Paul wanted to play ping-pong really bad. Bad enough to come help me put it together. I am used to the ping-pong tables we had in college. Snap here, snap there, tighten this thing, and boom. Done in 20 minutes. This one was not like the college tables I’m used to. This one took a solid 2 hours. Now I can get my Forrest Gump on.

I also got a new video game… Its really cool, but I don’t like it. I suck at it. It’s UFC2, and I can only play when the kids are sleeping because it’s a fighting game. The controls are complicated. The computer is tough… even when I have set to the easiest setting. I have to just stick to what I know, Madden, and FIFA…

Oh, and tried to watch Deadpool this weekend, but I failed twice. On Saturday, I ended up passing out on Kinsey when I went to put the kids to sleep. Kinsey wanted to wake me up, but she read that it was a comic book movie, so she decided not to. Then we tried again last night… I passed out again. I suck.