J-Si’s Blog: At least we got it back…
J-Si’s Blog: At least we got it back…

Had a first with Cason yesterday! We were in the backyard practicing some soccer because we are gonna sign him up to play in a couple of months. He thought it was really awesome when I would kick the ball really high in the air. So I was showing off for my son. See, I am not very good at soccer, but he thinks I am, and it makes me feel good. One of my high kicks accidentally went over the fence, bounced, and hopped on over to my neighbor’s house.

Awesome!!!! This was our first getting a ball back adventure. We all go through this, and its pretty fun because you never know who you are going to encounter… I have not met the neighbors directly behind me. So, this would be a learning experience for Cason, and I would be meeting more people who surround my house.

Cason was super excited when I told him we would be going on an adventure to get his ball back. So we walked on over, hand in hand. I was prepping him, telling him we have to be really nice, and that we need to say please… all that good stuff. We arrive at the house. All of the blinds are closed. There’s some cardboard covering the two front windows, which is understandable because it is summer time, and the weather gets pretty hot. So I knock on the door. I hear some rustling around inside, I hear a couple of voices, then I hear some cans, and finally footsteps toward the door. Cason is sitting there with a huge smile on his face, because I told him smiling is really polite.

jsi-082914-blog-picThe door swings open, and standing there is a really small Asian man, in his early 50’s, in nothing but his tighty whities, a wife beater, and a socks. He was standing there in a superhero pose. Hands on hips, legs just a bit wider than his shoulders, chest pumped out. I’m not gonna lie… I was not expecting that. He didn’t say a word, just stared at us. So the uncomfortable conversation started with Cason saying, “I wanna take my pants off too!” I told Cason we could do that at home and looked back at the gentleman and told him that we had kicked our ball over the fence, and we were wondering if he could grab it for us. He smiled, showing his three missing teeth, and said, “absolutely! I will be right back.”

He left the door ajar, and disappeared into darkness of his house. I was pretty curious to know what was inside that house. About ten seconds later, the door opened again. Standing there was a woman in her late 30s, wearing nothing but her panties, and a shirt that barely covered her belly button. Cason was standing at the bottom of the steps still. She did not see him when she asked, “would you like to come in? Are you thirsty?” That’s when Cason said, “yeah! I take my pants off too!” The lady smiled and said, “I guess I should be wearing pants.” I didn’t know what to say, so I just half smiled and nodded. Then she proceeds to start chatting. I just told her we kicked our ball over the fence. She said she was happy they had visitors. Cason kept saying he wanted to take his pants off too. My small Asian friend finally came back with the ball, and told me to come back and hang out anytime. I think I was really close to being kidnapped, or invited into some weird swingers party. I’m not sure. I’m just glad Cason was there. Good times.

This did not help the Cason wanting to get naked for no reason phase. In fact, it may have amplified it.