Well, this is the first time I have been home alone in a long time… I hate it. I am used to craziness. I am used to not sleeping. I am used to getting hit south of the border by Cason, when I least expect it. So my house is now a bachelor pad… kinda. I dont have 25 women vying to get my attention, and I am pretty suer Chris Harrison is nowhere near my house, not that I would invite him. Ok, I might invite him in. That is how lonely I felt today.

burneddinnerI quickly realized, that we have no food. Nothing. Kinsey wanted me to learn a lesson, and I learned it within 20 minutes of being home. She does a lot! I already knew that, though. So I told myself, “I got this!” I can make myself food, no big deal. I used to handle it in college, and I can handle it now. I burned the two chicken breasts I had in the freezer. I tried to bake them… and I guess I broiled them. I tried to make rice, and burned that too. How? I accidentally closed my eyes on the couch. So the little food I had, I burned. So I drove my butt to a pre-made food store, and bought my meals for the week.

I ran a couple of errands for Kinsey. I paid some bills. I thought about buying GTA V, but thought against it. I called a couple of friends to see what they were doing, but nobody wanted to do anything because it was raining.

Kinsey and I finally got a chance to talk, long enough to find out that Cason mysteriously chipped his tooth, which means he may look like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber now. I honestly felt the same way I do when I drop my phone. My perfect little baby has a crack… how do I fix it? haha.

Then, I had an interview with my college newspaper. The Daily Aztec wanted to talk to me. Cool, right?! I think the interview went well, or maybe I talked too much… because that was the first person who called me all day. I was holding on to that verbal contact as long as I could. I think I even stared asking the girl what she was doing, and what was happening at SDSU… like I cared. I know whats happening there: drinking, partying, and more drinking… with some studying sprinkled on top. I elongated my 20 minute interview, to an hour. For that I apologize. That poor girl.

But tomorrow is a different day: I got hit up by another guy, who is filming his first independent film, and he wants to know if I would like a part in it, and best of all: no love scene, and I wont be the lead, which means less pressure! Yesssss! Wish me luck!