J-Si’s Blog: Bachelor week – Day 2
J-Si’s Blog: Bachelor week – Day 2

Is it normal to let things pile up on the kitchen counter, when you are a guy? I know I should clean them, my mind is telling me no, but my body (mostly my nose), my body is telling yeeeeah. Thank you R. Kelly. I also did something I have not done since I was a kid: I sat in my room, looked up the lyrics to the new Eminem songs, and tried to learn them. I only got into Rap God… and I dubbed it the most impossible song to ever learn. No way this is happening. But I had to waste time, because Kinsey overnighted her car keys, so that I could get our car from the airport. That parking bill is already at over a $100. It was supposed to cost us only $40 to park it there for two days. Well, in my Eminem glory, I must have missed the mail lady knocking on my door, because I saw a pink slip on my door, letting me know I could pick up the package… “tomorrow”. Yay! So I will be making my first appearance at a post office in about ever! Also, anyone want to drop me off at the airport? No? Ok, good talk!

bullyingYou know what else I am really into right now? The NFL bullying story. I guess I attached myself to this so much because I went through it my junior year of high school. I love football. Here are the things I love in order:

1. My kids.
2. My wife
3. My family
4. Football

My friends know this, they come in at #5. My junior year, two of my “teammates” decided to rename me “Bridget” because they saw me “not be man enough” around a girlfriend I had. I kissed her goodbye before practice, and told her I would see her later. No big deal, right? In their eyes, that showed weakness. So for my entire Junior season, I got hazed by them. It made me hate football. It made me want to quit. My friends, were also Juniors, and did not want to get in the line of fire, and thats understandable. They died my practice pants pink. They put “Bridget” on the back of my game jersey, using duct tape. They would call me “gay”. These were two guys, who I looked up to, because they were great athletes, and I developed a hatred for them. I exploded on one of them the last week of the season… I waited too long, because when I stood up to him, it stopped… but I got suspended for the last game of the season by my coach for pushing him and cursing at him. In high school, you just have to put up with that one year, in my case, because they graduated and then I was the senior… the love came back.

I find it disgusting that some professional football players actually got the bully’s back. They say that Jonathan Martin is also to blame, partly. Really? He asked to be called the “n” word? He asked to be told he was going to be killed along with his mother? I am all for a friendly cursed filled buddy to buddy chat, guys do that sort of thing, but this was way over that line. Richie Incognito, the “bully”, went on twitter and basically threatened a reporter from ESPN when the story first came out. Saying he was spreading lies, and that “he knew where to find him”, blah, blah, blah. Then the texts and voicemails came out. So they came and found him, and now he is just saying he is trying to “weather the storm”.

I find that to be cowardly. You know what would really help? Two words. Two words I never heard from those two guys in high school. Two words that would have made me feel much better, and would probably make Martin feel a lil better. But I havent heard the words “I’m sorry” come out of his mouth. A lot of backpedaling, but never an “I’m sorry”. Be a man. Be responsible for your actions, and step up. Realize you made another man’s life hell, and apologize for it. Hopefully he will realize that. We know it happens in schools, college, and at work… but 300 lb men also go through it. Wow. Eye opening, right?!