J-Si’s Blog: Bachelor week – day three
J-Si’s Blog: Bachelor week – day three

I did something I have not done in 10 years… maybe longer! No, I didn’t pee my pants. I went to a post office. Kidd always said that only older people went there, and in this case, he was correct. I walked in there, and out of the 8 potential service spots, only one was open, and this lady did not look thrilled to be there. I got in line behind 5 people. Four older gentlemen, and a dude in construction attire. Things were moving along, until the man in front of me went up. He placed about 30 envelopes on the counter… and had not addressed them, or put stamps on them. The lady decided that, instead of having him go off to the side to do what he should have done prior to coming to the post office, she would help him sort his mail and place the stamps for him. He is and older man, so I guess she was being nice. In total, I had already been waiting a good 15-20 minutes, because of the other men in front of him, but I waited patiently. Then a lady walked in and got in line behind the two other people, who showed up after me. That is when the lady at the counter looked up, and said this: “if you have a pickup, you have to go to the window right outside of this room, and ring the bell.”

PICK-UP-SLIPThis is where this lady took my glory. First of all, I was showing off pickup notification the whole time, why did she wait until this lady walked in with hers. I know I was showing it off, because I was hoping the man in front of me would notice my transaction was a wham, bam, thank you ma’am. But he didn’t care. I was a lil put off by this. I waited all that time, when I needed to go to a wood door, with no signs on it. So in passing, I said it as the lady rang the bell for u. I just said, “wish I hadn’t stood in line for 30 minutes.” Obviously, I added a few minutes to my complaint, to make it seem worse. She looked at me and said “right?!?!” I can’t believe they made us wait so long.

Ok, first of all, that lady had only been there 2 minutes. The post office employee opened up the wood door after a minute, and took our slips. That’s when the lady started her rant.

“How dare you guys make us hard working Americans wait for 45 minutes (boy did she decide to go big on the time adding), and then mumble that we are in the wrong line?!?!” The employee stayed pretty calm, and actually maintained a smile. But, this should have been MY rant, I was the one who was waiting for 20 minutes. C’mon lady! Then she started mumbling about the government… I think she listens to the show, because I heard her copy Kidd and say “O-bama!”

My post office visit was not bad, in the end. I went home, and ordered an Uber, which is a car service that picks you up, to take me to the airport, now that I had Kinsey’s car key. That is what had been mailed to me. Yeah, our lil mess up cost me a $75 cab/Uber ride, and instead of a $40 parking fee, I think we were up to about $120. That right there, is a plane ticket. Geez. Just because of a whoopsie daisy.

And I topped my day off with a lil twitter chat for Dish Nation. Guess what? Kellie Rasberry stalked me! Nice. And we ended up getting Dish Nation to trend on twitter! Double nice!!! And the questions were actually pretty fun to answer, especially Kellie’s, except when she went a lil psycho… but that ok, it happens. Triple nice!