Well, the Kinsey birthday extravaganza has come and gone. I can say that we had a successful weekend… kind of. The birthday party itself went well. We were smart and got a babysitter to stay the night, to help with the wrath of having children and going out. Problem is that the babysitter does end up going home in the morning, and our bodies do not recover as well as they used to when we were 21 years old. I am looking back at the night, and it was actually close to perfect. There was no drama, which is pretty good, considering that Kinsey invited about 40 people out.

jsshoesSo, you might be wondering how I did in the birthday gift department. That’s where I hit a speed bump. I did buy a present… in fact, I actually bought it with plenty of time to spare. I was not at the mall the morning of her birthday, like most of us men are accustomed to doing, and the gift didn’t hurt my wallet, because I plan ahead when it comes to gifts. I actually set some money aside every month. Some of the money goes into the Christmas fund, and some goes into my Kinsey fund. My Kinsey fund helps me buy her birthday gift, and her valentine’s day gift. That is some advice that I got from some old married dude a few years ago. I don’t remember the guy’s name, because it was a drunk guy at a random hotel bar, but I remember his tip. It has worked for me. Kinsey has always wanted a certain pair of shoes, and I figured this was a perfect birthday for them. It’s her 30th, plus she just had Chloe, so I thought it was fitting. Unfortunately, her feet did not find this occasion fitting, literally. The shoes apparently hurt quite a bit. I don’t get that. If you are spending that much money on shoes, shouldn’t they be comfortable? They hurt her feet so bad, that she decided to return them, and bought some Jessica Simpson shoes… so I guess I basically struck out, but at the same I kind of won, because we saved a bunch of money!

Now, to my embarrassing moment of the weekend. This one does not include Cason sticking his hands up skirts. This occurred on birthday outing number 1. On Friday, once the babies went to sleep, we hit up a huge party at some mansion. We thought we would be going to a small house party, but it turned out to be a party with a few hundred people… maybe even a thousand. It was big. I had two embarrassing moments. First one includes a former NFL player. I saw Vince Young, who was a great college QB, and played a few years in NFL. Al and I had actually met him a couple of years ago in Houston. We shared a pizza, talked to him for a few, and he even gave us his brother’s CD… because his brother is an aspiring rapper. So I went up to him, stuck my hand out, which he left hanging out there. Then I reminded him where I had met him, and he just looked at me and said, “I don’t remember.” He then just turned back and faced away from me. Ouch. Did I mention there were people all around us? During this whole ordeal, there was a band on stage. So I walked back to our lil spot, tail between my legs, cause it was embarrassing. I went back to having fun, though. Put that behind me. So we are on the front of the stage, enjoying the covers this band is singing. I am singing along, and then California Love comes on. This is a song that I know… if I am singing along to it. The singer sees me singing along with them, and for some reason points at me and says, “you seem to know the lyrics!” I just do the “just a lil bit” sign with my hand. He then tells me to get up there. I got super excited, cause I like interacting with bands… but, as I am walking up it hits me: I don’t know the lyrics to the song. I only know the first part of the verse, and then it get jumbled up in my head. I am trying to think about it as I walk up, like I will miraculously have the lyrics come to me. He hands me the mic, there’s a ton of people watching, I start the verse, and then pull and 8 Mile and freeze up… because I don’t know the lyrics. I think I heard a couple of boos. I don’t know. The singer bailed me out as best as he could, but damage was done. I suck. Two tails between my legs moment within 10 minutes of each other. Good times. haha. So I am going to practice and learn California Love, just in case this happens again.