It was bound to happen… I knew it would happen sooner or later. You can contain this, but you can’t stop it. It’s one of the many things we will never be able to control:

1. Aging

2. Random hairs in random places.

3. Grey hair.

4. Death.

5. Watching “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child”


5. Double injury… from tripping on baby toys.

Yup, today was the day. One moment I am on the couch with Cason, teaching him a lil Español (he claps when I ask him to “aplaudir”). That is the only command he follows. He has also abandoned the waving thing. He only high fives and claps. Anyways, Kinsey sits on the couch with us, I hand her the Cason, and get up to go clear some room in the bladder. As soon as I get up, my right foot slides out from under me, the ankle bends, a weird half split ends up happening, and I land on the ground with a burning sensation in the groin and ankle. Did I mention that I did not get to play football tonight because of this? Oh yeah, I slipped on a plastic toy that Cason threw on the ground while we sat on the couch. I ended up with a swollen ankle and a pulled groin. Really? Can someone help me come up with a much cooler story than this?

You know what makes things worse? When your wife and kid both laugh as you lay there in pain. So here I am, on the couch (X-rays negative, thank god), with some ice on the ankle. Lesson learned. It will happen again, but lets just hope that only one thing is injured… and not two.

Good news: We are getting our potential house inspected. It could be a good day: because we will finally purchase our first home. It could also be a bad day: because I will be out $500 again… and will not be able to look for another house for a while, until we can save more money for inspections. We definitely cannot be throwing away money left and right… right?