Last week I had a dream with Kidd Kraddick in it. It’s not the first time I have had these sort of dreams. For some reason, he is doing the same thing every time he appears in a dream: playing the piano. We will be in different settings, but he is always on a piano. He also never speaks in these dreams. I talk to him, but he never says anything… just plays the piano, with a smile on his face, like he is experiencing the greatest joy. In my dream last week, which happened while I fell asleep in the middle of the day, he stopped playing the piano, looked me in the eyes, and said, “How’s Ryan?” I responded with “Ryan?” He came back with, “Ryan Cabrera… how is he?” I told him I had not talked to him in a few months, and he said, “Can you call him and ask him how he’s doing for me?” Just like that, and went back to playing the piano… and I woke up, mostly because it’s impossible to nap in homes with children. You are lucky to get an hour in.

blog_ryancab-300x300It was definitely a different dream than I had in the past. I really thought about calling Ryan, just to say hi, because why not? But I felt weird to do the whole “you were in my dream”, and we were dealing with every day parenting things, and next thing you know its nighttime, I am falling asleep, and end up passing out. I had my nap around 1:30 pm… When I woke up to go to work I had a missed call/voicemail from: yup, Ryan Cabrera… at 1:30 am. Weird? Very.

That’s when the phone tag began. I didn’t call I’m right away, but I did send him a text telling him that I had a crazy interaction with Kidd in a dream involving him. I called and missed him, he called and missed me, and this continued for a day, until after work on Friday. I dialed him up as I left work, and he answered. Finally! We had contact. He told me a friend had filled him in on the dream I had and he said, “well, this is going to blow you away even more,” I was in intrigued, he continued, “that night I called you I had been having a conversation about Kidd with a friend, and for some reason I decided to call you to see how you were doing.” Definitely had me making that “what is going on here” face when he told me that.

So, I had a dream involving Kidd, about 12 hours later, Ryan is talking about Kidd, and decides to call me. We are not guys that talk to each other on a regular basis. We talk maybe once or twice a year, if I am in LA or if he comes to visit family. I would say this is the weirdest coincidence ever… if it even is a coincidence. But now I can tell Kidd that Ryan is doing well, working on finishing up an album, and still doing his thing. Dream case closed.