J-Si’s Blog: Daddy Daycare (hangover edition)
J-Si’s Blog: Daddy Daycare (hangover edition)

Well, I would like to say that the Kellie Rasberry party extravaganza went very well. We all danced, we all had a few drinks, and we all enjoyed Rob Base singing “It Takes Two” about 5 or 6 times. It was also one of those nights where people offered me shots here and there. Problem: I don’t really drink anymore. Also, I don’t know how to tell those people “no”. If they ask, “would you like a shot?” I tend to say, “no, thank you!” But, when they have already purchased the drinks, and say they got one for me… I feel rude not taking one with them. Kinsey had gone home early because she’s pregnant, and she had a baby shower to throw the next day. By the way, I had known about this baby shower for a couple of months. It just happened to fall on the day after the big party. So there was no way out of my daddy duty.

Here is where my problem kicked in. I did go home around 1 a.m. ish… from what my Uber receipt says. The problem is that at 9 a.m., Kinsey walked in and said, “ok, I will be back around 3 p.m. Cason needs a nap around noon, and you can feed him after he wakes up?” In my head, that sounded like a fire alarm going off. Yup. For the first time in a very long time, I was hungover. To make matters worse, I was hungover with a hyper one-year-old. It was one of those days where I felt paralyzed, because every movement or sound made my head hurt. I was actually proud of lil Cason. I think he knew I wasn’t feeling well. I closed the bedroom door, and the bathroom door, to keep him in there with me. cason-2I put the Disney Channel on, and let him play with his toys. He would climb into my bed from time to time to give me a hug. He would walk over to me and grab my hand from time to time. We only had one moment where he walked over to me, I think my eyes were closed a bit, because he bit the crap out of my arm. I think that was his way of making sure I was alive. haha. Well played, young man. I didn’t even have to put him down for his nap, because he climbed into the bed, cuddled up next to me and took one all on his own. That day could have been so much tougher than it had to be, and he made it so easy. The only tough part, was changing his diaper, and feeding him. I didn’t really want to smell food, or digested food.

Lesson learned. This is why mommies and daddies can’t act like they are in college again.

Yesterday, we got Cason’s first haircut… and it looks horrible. I can’t blame the lady. Cason was not the best customer. He freaked out when he saw the scissors by his hair. It went down hill from there. Lot’s of flailing, which I am sure makes it tough to cut hair. We asked for his natural mullet to be cut off, and we asked for his bangs to be cut just a little bit. Enough for them not to be in his eyes. Well, his little bangs are crooked and super short. Kinsey is not taking it too well, but thats how she is. He has no idea that his hair looks like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. It will grow out… so we will keep him hidden for about two weeks. Just kidding, we will figure out a way to make it look nice… maybe.

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