Feels like we were just here… a bit of a Groundhog Day feeling. Don’t you hate that? Well, unless it’s type of Groundhog Day where you get free stuff all day long. That would not be a bad feeling. Buying a house in general gives me a bad feeling. Getting married, having a kid, buying a car… nothing is as scary as buying a house. It means you are officially a grown up. Having a kid does not mean you are a grown up… I have seen 16 & Pregnant way too many times. Having a home comes with way more stress than necessary. Things you don’t worry about if you rent. Clogged the toilet in your apartment? Don’t worry! You can call the maintenance worker… it’s gross, and can be done quite easily if you own any sort of plunger, but you got them if you need them. Did your apartment start growing some fungus? Don’t worry! Your apartment complex will move you into a bigger one at the same price while they take care of the fungus! True story, it happened to my roommates and me in college. It was awesome! Your ceiling fan mysteriously fell (because your idiot friend hung on it and spun around)? Don’t worry! Your landlord or property manager will have a brand new one installed the next day!

That all goes away. All. of. it! My house, my problem is what I need to learn to say. I am going to pick up carpentry and flip houses. That’s where the money is at. If I can learn to build a sweet fence and cabinets… I will be all good! I probably need to learn other skills as well, but one needs to take baby steps. We already have a hammer, and some nails. I heard you can buy wood at Home Depot. I am so screwed! Offer is in. More money will be handed to a wonderful, sweaty, man in overalls, so that he can inspect our potential new home. We have learned that we will be “throwing away” a lot of money by having guys inspect random houses for us. Yay house shopping!

House under contract, it just needs to pass the test. Hope the house studied… and I hope it has a good foundation. Please have a good foundation. In other news: does anybody need three roommates? One only drinks powdered milk. One is a clean freak. The last one usually gets comfortable in his underwear when he gets home from work to fit in with the powdered milk roommie. So as you can tell, these are amazing roommates.