Not much has changed on that front. Still at 1 cm… in an awkward moment, the doctor did tell us he could feel the head of the baby. Good times. However, Kinsey’s pregnancy brain is still strong and progressing nicely. Yesterday, she said she needed to go to the store to buy food, because we were out of everything. She loves the grocery store for some reason. She was gone for an hour. What did she come back with? No chicken, no veggies, no fruit… She actually came back with 7 Gatorades, three gold fish packages (different flavors), Pancake mix, candy, and Cason’s milk. She said she forgot what we actually needed. Or she actually just went shopping for cravings.

In other news: I had my first big bank account dent, thanks to our house. Our AC was not working correctly, so Kinsey called our warranty company, who sent a guy out to take a look. They found out we needed a new compressor. We were going to pay our $50 deductible and move on… but the compressor was not covered by the warranty. Yay! So instead of spending $50, we spent almost $900. For a compressor. I told Kinsey I flashlightcould probably look up how to install one on the internet, so I did, and I came to the conclusion that spending the $900 was a better choice. Hopefully we were not ripped off. Always good to spend extra unexpected cash when you have a baby due any day now. So does the new compressor work? I don’t know, because our power went out last night thanks to the storm that rolled through. haha. I will let you know today, though.