Well, Cason came home on Friday! He was staying at our friend’s mom’s house, because one year olds are apparently not allowed to stay at the hospital due to their ability to cause raucous. We decided to play a man to man defense at first. I covered Cason, Kinsey covered Chloe… mostly because, when she’s not eating, Chloe just lays there and poops, pees, or cries. Cason, on the other hand, is all over the place. We chloethought he would be all good because we got him a doll to practice having a sister. He did a great job with the doll, except for the couple of times I caught him throwing it. But, little man is definitely struggling with the lack of attention that Kinsey can give him. She can barely move still, and he keeps trying to get her to play and run around with him because he doesn’t understand. So I try to jump in and get him to play with me, but he is a mama’s boy. So two things happen:

1. My feelings get hurt, because he would rather try to play with mom

2. His feelings get hurt, because mom can’t play yet.

I know this is something that will get better with time, but until that comes, we will just keep trying our best to make sure he stays happy. About a year from now, we will look back on this and laugh… I hope. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing Cason grab Kinsey’s hand and pull it to go play in his room, but she can’t because she is in the middle of feeding Chloe. Other than the couple of melt downs, I feel that we did pretty well. The sleeping will come in due time as Chloe gets older.

In other news, I had my first acting practice!!! I met a couple of the actors that I will be working with for the next two weeks. We sat in a studio on Friday and went over our lines. Here is my verdict: acting is not very easy. haha. Yeah, it may look like a breeze in movies, but it definitely felt different. I don’t know if it was because I was just sitting on a chair in a room with a lot of people I did not know looking at me. Or that I had to pretend I was in love with a girl, who I had literally just met and did not know much about, but I definitely had the “I hope this guy doesn’t think I suck super bad” thought going through my head. I did feel more comfortable as I started joking around with them… so maybe I wont suck to bad once we start with the cameras, or I will crash and burn. Either way, fun times.