There is a bright side to my Monday… the Chargers actually won! I stayed up, like a true maniac, and watched the entire thing. The problem was that I did not completely get to enjoy the game, because being a dad gets in the way of having fun, sometimes  🙂

babymirrorYup, I got to stay home alone with my mini me and min-kin. Kinsey was invited to sit court side at a basketball game. I tried to tell her it was only a preseason game, but she doesn’t care. She doesn’t really understand what is happening during a basketball game, but she was really excited to get out of the house with her girls. First time she’s had a girls night in a while… and it happened on a Monday, but at least she had one. I, on the other hand, stayed home. Cason goes to bed at 7:30, so he was no problem. He actually got up, grabbed my hand, and took me to his room because he wanted to go to sleep. Chloe, was a different story. It’s almost like she knew daddy was home alone with her because she basically cried the whole time. Nothing I did helped quiet her down. I even tried my baby whisperer move, and 70% of the time, it works every time. I tried the good ‘ole boob juke out, where I use a pacifier and place it where my boobs would be if I was a girl… and she saw right past that. She would only quiet down if I put her in front of a mirror. I guess she gets that from me.

I would have looked up more ways to soothe a baby on the internet, but we forgot to pay the bill, and they shut that down yesterday, and my phone is a whooping to use because I still rock the 3G. Line of the day goes to Kinsey though. When I noticed that the internet was down and told her, she responded with, “I’ll get on the computer and pay right now.” Ha! Love her. It was too late by the time it was shut down, so we have to wait until today, so it’s no big deal. We had her six week checkup, and she is pretty much all clear to go with living life normal again. Plus, I eventually got Chloe to quiet down. I brought a handheld mirror into the living room and held it up so she could look at herself while I watched the game. She eventually fell asleep. I win!