J-Si’s Blog: G’day, mate!
J-Si’s Blog: G’day, mate!

Well, it has happened once again! Our best married couple friends, who we tend to hang out with on the weekends the most… are moving. This happened before with my buddy, Ryan, and his wife, but we knew they would eventually move because he plays baseball. This was a lil more unexpected. We met this couple on New Year’s last year. They have a similar sense of humor, the guy is from San Diego, like me. The girl says what is on her mind and can hang with the boys, even though she looks like a girly girl… like Kinsey. They also have two kids and Cason loves playing with them. Unfortunately, my boy got a job in another country. Yeah, not just a job in another city, or state… another country. In fact, they are moving as far as possible. All the way on the other side of the world. Just our luck!

Remember back when we were in elementary school and you found out your BFF was moving? That was the worst feeling in the world. As a guy it was tougher because the girls were allowed to cry, but if you cried, and you were a dude… you would have to move too because the other kids would never let you hear the end of it. But after your bff moved away, you realized that everything is ok. Eventually, you made a new friend, and things got back to normal. This is how I am trying to treat this situation. The only problem is that meeting a married couple, with kids around my son’s age, is tough. I think we will do fine. We have other married friends that we have started hanging out with, who can fill that void left by our crazy, fun, friends.

While Kinsey and were talking about this whole thing going down, we got into a weird conversation. She asked me if I was as sad as she was, and I said yes. I didn’t cry, or anything, but I was a bit sad, especially now that their moving day is almost here. She said that I had a pretty good balance of trying to be a man and sensitive. I told her that I am probably sensitive because I listened to R & B when I was a kid. I think that shaped me into more of a sensitive dude. I did listen to some hip hop to give me cool points, but my real love was getting down to some Boyz II Men and that sweaty Keith Sweat. Kinsey said she appreciates that I am sensitive, but does not appreciate when I try to sing Boyz II Men.

Weird text of the weekend:

My mom and I are still trying to get on the road back to normalcy. We don’t talk as much, but we do send the occasional text. Taking it slow. So why did I accidentally send her a text meant to Kinsey that said:

“You can put the food on my card, but you have to deliver it naked ;)”

My mom’s response: “jaja! Ok! :)”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OK?!?! We just let it go. Text was deleted after I said, “Mom! no! not ok! haha! That was meant for Kinsey.”

She replied with, “I thought so.” So we are all good and clear now.