J-Si’s Blog: Glad thats over
J-Si’s Blog: Glad thats over

We had Cason’s second birthday party this weekend, which is weird because he doesn’t turn two until this coming Friday, but whatever.

We had 65 people RSVP to the party at our house. Our very average sized house. Our house that fits 4 comfortably, and is pushing it when we have family stay with us and push the population to 6 or 7 people. I have no idea how many people were actually in our house, but I will say this. It was more stressful than my wedding day. I was in charge of making sure people had drinks, the food, and child disaster prevention. There were kids everywhere. I am happy to announce that there were no injuries. I have no idea how that happened.

rickey-mouseOur next order of business, was the whole Mickey Mouse, aka Mr. Mouse, aka Rickey Mouse. I don’t even know the name, but he made an appearance. You know what? He was not too bad. Cason got super excited and ran up to him waving and saying “hi, bookah!!!” (thats what Cason calls Mickey). We had Mickey for an hour of our two hour party. Kids were welcoming. The thing is, that most of the kids are about 2-3 years old. They don’t follow directions very well. The activities Mickey had were for kids around 5-7 years old.

Fifteen minutes into the Mickey experience, I came back to the room after doing some cleaning up and checking on the kids in Cason’s room, to find that there was a six foot mouse, dancing in my living room… by himself. The kids lost complete interest. We had 45 more minutes, and we paid a lot for this mouse. I decided to look for Cason, because there was going to be at least one kid with Mickey, and that kid would be Cason. I found him in our family room, playing with a lamp. He was just turning it on and off… I have Mickey FREAKING mouse in the house… the mouse he would watch all day long on TV. The mouse he has tons of toys modeled after. The mouse he wakes up asking about, and goes to bed saying his name… and he would rather play with a lamp.

All and all, I feel the party was a bit over the top. But, Kinsey was happy, and Cason was happy… even though he wont remember this when he gets older. My house is still a mess. I am thinking it will take us about 3 days to completely get everything straightened up. I am finding random things everywhere. Toys in shoes. Hot dogs pieces everywhere. I found a cupcake in our dryer. I stepped on a Capri sun that was half full in the dark and it exploded everywhere. I also found my Madden video game behind the trashcan… but that one may have been Kinsey’s doing. haha.

We also had our Christmas party… right after the Cason party. Talk about stress! The last family left our house at 6:30, and the party started at 7. We were late. But, I did tie a bow tie for the first time ever, all on my own… and Big Al wore the furry suit jacket, along with a furry red shirt, and a furry hat. I think he is starting to slowly morph into a furry that attends those fun conventions. Good times.