Being a guy can be tough sometimes… probably not as tough as women have it, but we still have to deal with weird things. I have one of those coming up next week. My buddy, Frank, is getting married. We talked about it before, and the bachelor party is coming up next weekend. We have decided to take a trip to Miami, which happens to be one of the most pretentious cities in the states. It is also a very fun place to go to, but can a place be fun if you spend the entire time getting made fun of?

doubledareSee, we realized that we would be there while people are into the Halloween celebration spirit. So my friends decided that we… gulp… should dress up… gulp… as a group! That is scary if you are a guy. Girls can do this no problem, they will get attention regardless of what they wear, because it is usually preceded by the word “naughty” or “sexy”. Guys don’t have that luxury, but there are some group costumes that could work… unfortunately, we are dressing up like “Double Dare” contestants. If you said “what is that?” You might be in the majority. I figure most of the people out and about in Miami wont know that Nickelodeon game show. Plus, we will be wearing knee pads, elbow pads, and fanny packs. Maybe I am just being to hard on them. Maybe we will be the hit of the party. But I am in serious doubt when it comes to that. We are already going to be the annoying bachelor party guys, now we are adding costumes to the equation, in Miami, where people care waaaay too much about fashion and how they look, so the good news is that we will totally fit in with our t-shirts with a bright “Double Dare” and our tiny shorts.