Kinsey and I got back on the saddle. We need to find a house… soon! Our time in this one is up soon, and to tell you the truth, we should have already been out of this Bad Luck Bears place. With that said, I am happy to announce that we have placed our second offer on a home. This one may be it, and guess what?! It’s a couple blocks away from the Rasberry. Does this mean that Big Al will be replaced by this guy? Big Al used to be the one to go get dead animals out of Kellie’s house, he fixed things, and he lifted heavy things for her, and was there for security reasons if needed. Well, Al moved away and that void has been left empty. Kellie even said that Kinsey and her can go on walks! Great, now my wife can complain about me to my co-worker. That sounds like a wonderful combination. So once again, wish us luck.. and wish us good home foundation.

Speaking of luck. Kinsey’s car is still in the shop. Yes, the car we just bought her before Cason was born. I am not a mechanic, but I could tell that a house had a hole in it by the amount of fluid squirting out of it (that’s what she said). We take it to the shop, and they informed us that we need to pay $800 to get a new water pump. Really? We called around, and most places did the water pump thing for about $600, at the most. I smell a slight rip off? These are the times Kinsey really wishes we lived back home. Her dad is really good with these sort of things. We decided to take the car and tow it to a different shop… costs more money, but it may save us hundreds if I am correct with the whole hose thing. I should definitely learn about cars. Plus it’s pretty manly. If that happens, one of my present hobbies would have to be replaced by the car hobby. I don’t know which hobby to give up. I narrowed it down to these two hobbies:

1. Being a dad.

2. Doing chores.

Kinsey rolled her eyes when I mentioned this idea. I think it’s fair.

One last thing, we all have certain worries when we make new friends right? Are they crazy, do they do drugs, have they been to jail? It’s a lil more difficult when you are in a relationship, because you are now in the position of not gaining one, but two friends. I call it two for one friends. One relationship, two friends, who you would never hang with if you were single. Couples only. The biggest fear I have when we meet new friends is that they are of the sharing is caring variety. There are a few signs that may give it away, and the main one was displayed on Saturday when our neighbors invited us over to their house after we went to dinner with the lil ones. It was an invite of the “hot tub” variety. And they said that Cason could sleep in their pack and play. We agreed instantly, plus there was no driving… we can walk! Safety first! But my four beer brain starting thinking… what if “hot tub” is the swinger code word? And pack and play is offered for over nights when couples have kids? This stuff really does happen. I had my guard up the whole time we were there. I was ready to respond to any sort of knee grab or accidental boob flash. I looked up signs you are at a swingers house on the internet. I am happy to report that our neighbors are just normal people who enjoy drinking and putting their feet in a hot tub. Am I the only one who worries about these kinds of things? I also look for signs that people may be into stealing babies, or into kidnapping families. So far we have not met any of those either. At least we solidified a married couple as good friends. Yay!